What is art?
You Look To Me - I Look To You.

portraits * fashion * performing arts  * events * commercial * advertising * video production *

        gallery installations * artists cataloguing * image restoration * creative projects * 

Professional Qualified and Experienced Photographer and Video Producer


Phil is currently a full time photographic and video artist working on gallery projects, installations, personal and commercial work. His work history includes:- Coal Mining - Forestry Work, Bridge and Motorway Construction - General Construction - Hospitality Professional - Chef - and 20 years as a Senior Intensive Care Nurse. He was one of the first members of Greenpeace and Oxfam. He is a father of three successful and amazing daughters. Throughout all these positions he has continued to be productive in his art which he now dedicates himself solely to. He is a single lad living in the beautiful seaside town of Napier in the glorious Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.