My Photography

My first recollection of being fascinated by photographs is when I was around 7 years old, a library book of glossy black and white photographs of trees in winter time. That book made me feel, I didn't question what it made me feel, after all I was only 7 years old;  it was a new feeling, it was a 'first time'.

Dad loved having a camera, I didn't recognise anything artistic about him, but I suspect that he would have loved to have gone in that direction. His was a landscape of post-war Wales, beer and fags and soccer and TV  programs that were bold enough to mention 'tits and bums'. I had free access to his camera, he always said he loved my photographs. The only restrictions were the cost of film and processing. 

I worked in Covent Garden, London, in a very popular eating establishment. I was introduced to the owner of a local gallery and ended up being given a space there for a month after a last minute  cancellation. 10 B&W photographs on Humanity, images of young people living on the streets of London. I got beat up twice, and fell in love once - not sure which hurt the most. The photos went down well. I wasn't asked back. It was a very well appointed gallery with a 2 year waiting list. 

So it all comes down to what we do with our short time here. I was fortunate to have this feeling that I had been reincarnated without having been born the first time - an intuition for recognising a moment that was at least one step beyond nothing unusual - sometimes a feeling so strong that something was about to happen right in front of me or just around the corner that I just went with it - mostly with good results. Intuition is the result of a whole lot of micro indicators that live just below the consciousness until you recognise that something is there without really knowing what it is, until it spills over into your consciousness - and this is my landscape, where I live. My love of all forms of art and creative energy were found in this landscape. I keep mindful of it when ever I can with my work.